Our History. Learn more about how we began and where we are now.

STC was founded over half a century ago in Sumter, South Carolina.

STC has been providing transportation services and distributing oil since 1951. More recently, STC has emerged as the industry leader in innovative, non-traditional approaches to transportation, waste minimization, and resource recovery needs.

STC has always put a lot of emphasis on both technological and methodological innovation. Since 1990, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our Roberoller and Isomix agitation systems, which keep solid and liquid waste in suspension during transportation. STC has also developed a dry bulk tanker, which allows us to transport raw solid-state waste.

STC pioneered the hazardous waste fuels blending industry. We were the first to deliver a load of blended fuels as an alternate energy resource. We accomplished this feat at our own RCRA Part B facility. Our RCRA Part B facility has a certified lab and offers many forms of distillation.

In 1996, STC began field operations. We were able to reappropriate various technologies we had been using at our own RCRA Part B facility and make them available for heavy industrial customers. Since that time, STC has developed the TwinSpin, MonoSpin, Solids Shredding and Delumping Conveyor, and QuadSpin. We can use all of these systems, in conjunction with our six-inch-high solids slurry loading system, to load our patented transportation vessels. Once safely loaded, we can transport your waste to a fully permitted, EPA compliant cement kiln for thermal destruction.

In short, the technologies and methodologies that we’ve pioneered enable us to provide a full turnkey service. Our waste handling equipment and systems and our methods for removal, transportation, and disposal have positioned STC as the most economically efficient on-site solids recovery and waste reduction company nationwide.




Sumter Transport
Company Founded



Roberroller and TwinSpin agitation systems introduced, keeping solid and liquid waste in suspension during transport.



KilnDirect partnership formed, providing customers a dedicated Waste to Fuel facility.



Pioneering technologies continue to be developed: a better way to manage and transport waste.



STC moving forward as a leader in refinery tank cleaning and transportation and repurposing of waste.