ExxonMobil Spotlights STC for Sustainability

STC Jobsite Sustainability

ExxonMobil’s annual Sustainability Report spotlights STC as one of two outstanding Supply Chain Partners delivering sustainable results. According to the Report, “In 2017, ExxonMobil signed an agreement with STC for the removal and reuse of waste from the Baytown refinery. This agreement enables ExxonMobil to take advantage of STC’s unique technology to remove 28,000 tons of waste generated during the refining process. ...Traditional disposal methods would generate approximately 10,000 cubic yards of residual ash that would have been disposed of in landfills. STC’s process results in zero residual ash and zero deposits into landfills.”  Read more...


“It's both an honor and a confirmation of STC’s commitment to ground-breaking technology that Exxon has recognized our company as a key supplier delivering sustainable results. STC’s unique technology -- used to extract, transport, and repurpose waste — enables our clients to consistently exceed their sustainability goals. We greatly appreciate Exxon’s recognition. It reminds us how important it is for STC to continue researching and delivering industry-leading solutions that are affordable, effective, and sustainable.

Frank Iezzi
CEO, President
STC Industrial